COVID-19 Update Our in-person gatherings are resuming on July 5. Click here for more info!

Info on Church Reopening

As you may know, the Illinois Department of Public Health measures the levels of Coronavirus as well as other metrics according to regions in our state. Our leadership have been working hard on a reopen plan. We’re excited about the opportunity to worship together again!

As we reopen things are going to look and feel different from what we are accustomed. In order to keep everyone safe, we are doing everything we can to align with the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) guidelines. This includes gathering in groups of 25% of our building capacity (about 75 people) or less, preparing areas for proper social distancing, and disinfecting areas after use. As our region gets healthier we’ll see additional allowance for more of us to worship together. Remember, these changes are temporary.

We understand there will be lots of different opinions about our plan. Some will wonder what has taken so long, others will think it’s too soon, and then there are all the details of how our reopening should occur. It’s very important that we work to respect the differences we have with each other.  Remember, as a church family we’re working to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, loving God and people. Let’s make sure we’re loving like Jesus.

For those who don’t feel comfortable attending services yet, we completely understand. Until you are comfortable we will be providing live services online. Please know that you will be missed. 

For those who do feel comfortable attending, here are the details you need to know and what you can expect.

What will the service be like?

Beginning July 5, we will have one service on Sunday mornings at 10am. The service will be about an hour in length.

Each week, people who wish to attend the in-person service will need to check-in at the door. This is required, and will help us to make sure to have your updated contact information so we can contact each attendee in the unfortunate case that someone attends a service with COVID-19.

In order to follow the social distancing guidelines given by our governing authorities, we ask that you:

  • Please wear a mask and plan on wearing it at all times. We will have disposable masks available for those who would like one.
  • Please maintain 6 feet of distance between each family unit.
  • Please arrive early.
  • Use hand sanitizer upon your arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we following social distancing guidelines?

Sanctuary seating has been set up to ensure social distancing guidelines. As you make your way to the center of the foyer, an usher will seat you at a location appropriately distanced from others. Please socialize outside the building where you can assure a safe distance. Pre-service gathering times such as our coffee bar will be suspended initially. 

Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes, all our attendees will be required to wear a face covering (mask) per the (IDPH) guidelines for places of worship. All volunteers will be wearing a face mask, except for while on the stage. Our worship team will temporarily be just three people (worship leader and two singers). They will take their masks off to sing during worship, and as they exit the stage they will put their masks back on. Pastor Kevin will take his mask off to preach. We ask that if you are unable to wear a mask to due health reasons or if you don't like to wear a mask that you continue to participate in the online service at this time. As soon as the IDPH makes face masks optional in public, we will also.

We encourage you to bring your own mask. We will have disposable masks available for those who would like one.

Are things kept sanitary?

Exterior doors will be opened for you by greeters with face coverings. All interior doors will be propped open to avoid touching surfaces. Hand sanitizer will be available in the foyer.  

Cleaning teams will wipe down surfaces to disinfect before and after services with the appropriate disinfecting agents. 

Will things look different?

For a while, yes. Here's a breakdown of what to expect:

Tithes and Offerings

For your safety we will not be passing offering plates. A secure drop box will be available and located near the center door to the auditorium. You can also give online (click "give" on the bottom left of the screen) or by mailing your offering to the church office.  


On communion Sundays, individual pre-packaged communion units will be available.


No paper bulletins or sign up sheets or any other type of paper will be distributed. First time attendees will be checked in at the front door where the person at the desk will take their information and give them a gift. Prayer requests can be called in or emailed to the office for distribution and prayer time. You can also enter your prayer request on our website.

What about my kids?

Children's Ministry

Children's ministry activities have started back up on Sunday mornings. Pre-packaged children activities are available for children to do if they would rather be seated with parents during the service.

Youth Ministry

Youth group will meet in the church building or will meet outdoors to assure appropriate social distancing on Wednesday nights at 6pm.

What about other gatherings?

Adult Sunday School

Sunday school will meet at 9am on Sunday mornings with all the same social distancing guidelines as the service.

Small Groups and Bible Studies

We encourage those who are comfortable to return to meeting in small groups. We also will have Zoom options available.

Special Events

These are discontinued until later phases.

Please refer to this page weekly for updated guidelines and more info as we navigate coming back to church. :D