COVID-19 Update Our in-person gatherings are resuming on July 5. Click here for more info!

Sunday Morning Live

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Watch the Sunday service here at 10am!

Sunday Service!

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Watch the children's message here at 9 am!

What is the service like online?

Here's what you can expect in the video:

  • Some announcements
  • Worship
  • Then the message

What's happening at Covenant?

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We're open for in-person services

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Thank you for your generosity! Since the beginning of COVID, you've given to two food pantries, a local ministry that works with homeless people, provided lunch for our local first responders, and helped a family make repairs on their vehicle. We couldn't do it without you!

The Spoon River Pregancy Center is our community outreach for October, and we will. donate 5% of this month's offering to them. They offer several services to support pregnancy, parenting, and family needs.

We will be giving 176 Black Maple gift cards to our teachers (that's all the teachers in our district) within the week. Thank you to all who helped prepare the envelopes. We pray that this will be an encouragement to our teachers, who continue to have a very challenging year!

To give, today, click the gray "Give" icon at the bottom left of the screen and follow the prompts. If you're a guest with us, your gift is always appreciated but never expected. :)

Christmas at Covenant

We are gearing up for Christmas! To learn more about a specific item, click the card below. More items will be added as we get closer to Christmas!

Prayer Meetings

Pastor Kevin is having prayer meetings at the church. Monday at 10am and Tuesday at 2pm are currently open.

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birthdays and anniversaries

Happy birthday to Dexavior Sale, Draylin Sale, Chris Shannon, Mary Shannon, Jennifer Ellinger, Sherrill Bauman, and Sue Davis!